Graduation Gifts

Gifting for Graduation: Discover Haruni Jewellery

Graduation marks a significant milestone in a person’s life and is the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and achievement. Taking the time to select the perfect piece of jewellery for your loved one is the perfect way to mark the occasion by expressing your pride and love.

Amongst our collection of exquisite gemstone jewellery lies the perfect piece to express your immense joy on this occasion. Gorgeous earrings, dazzling pendants, delicate bracelets, and distinctive rings, each designed to become cherished keepsakes that stay with them throughout their future endeavours.


Tokens of Affection

A tradition as ingrained as the love story itself, flowers have long been a way to show gratitude. Fleur de Luce offers the opportunity to say just that with the immortalised flowers that are reflected in each piece.