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While celebrities generally have the hundred-thousand (probably million) pound budget to create headline-worthy engagement rings, the love story behind the engagement rings are what makes us also want to celebrate their love, showering "I Said Yes!" posts with likes, comments and imagining how our own love stories would look when the lid of the velvet ring box opens up. Here are the celebrity engagement rings - and the stories that made them, that have us falling in love with love again.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez

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When Ariana announced her engagement on Instagram, the news and the ring came as a surprise to fans (aka the Arianators), and the ring came as a surprise to jewellery enthusiasts. Just a reminder, Ariana's ring looks like an oval shaped diamond set at an angle beside a pearl, and the band seems to be a white metal - either white gold or platinum. The longevity of the love story comes from the theory that her ring might be a remount from a pearl ring her grandmother had made for her, the pearl coming from her grandfather's tie pin. While some people were upset about using the pearl as the accent gem (their soft nature doesn't make a great choice for an active lifestyle), the triple dose of love makes the pop star's ring all the more meaningful.

Megan Fox and Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly)

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When the couple first announced their engagement in January, Megan showed off an engagement ring that spoke volumes about their relationship: bold, edgy, perfectly imperfect. The ring itself is made from two rings in 18K white gold, with colourless five-carat pavé diamonds that lead up to the main stones: a D-colour antique cut diamond and an untreated Columbian emerald. The designer Sophia Webster confirmed that magnets buried within the gold rings are what keep "imperfect" heart shape sitting as intended on the finger. While the ring could have cost between £146,000 and £255,000, MGK was open about how much he wanted his and Megan's love journey represented in the ring via his Instagram post: I know tradition is one ring, but I designed it with Stephen Webster to be two: the emerald (her birth stone) and the diamond (my birth stone) set on two magnetic bands of thorns that draw together as two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that is our love.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

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The full-circle moment happened between the eldest Kardashian sister and Blink 182 drummer, who have been together since last January and have been friends for longer. Barker proposed to Kourtney at the Rosewood Miramar in Montecito, California, a favourite hotel of the Kardashian family. While both of them have kept the details about the proposal fairly quiet (it seems that's being saved for a new show, set to debut on Hulu), designer and family friend Lorraine Schwartz was able to share a little of the behind-the-scenes about the ring. "It's a flawless, beautifully cut diamond stone... (and) he was really hands-on in the whole making of it. It's gorgeous and they're happy," she was quoted in an interview with PEOPLE magazine. If a guess has to be made, the ring could be a 10 carat oval diamond ring set on a delicate pink gold (aka rose gold) band, and probably worth over $1 million USD.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari

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The #FreeBritney movement showed a glimpse of the long, painful process of Britney trying to end her conservatorship - a legal status that gives a person control over the finances and agency of a minor or incapacitated person - with father Jamie Spears. Sam has been by her side through much of it, which is what made the personal touch behind the engagement ring so powerful. Designed by Roman Malayev, the ring showcases a brilliant four carat round diamond on a cathedral setting on a platinum band, with pavé diamonds on the bridge and flush set diamonds on the prongs and basket. The powerful touch is the word "Lioness" engraved inside the band, the name Asghari calls Britney to remind her of her inner strength. The estimated cost of the ring is over £50,000, but the value of having a partner that uses love as a vehicle to navigate the hard times is priceless.

Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo

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Disney star BellaThorne donned her engagement ring - a pear-shaped 4 carat diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds on a white gold or platinum diamond encrusted band, putting the price at possibly almost £111,000 - last April, and showed her love and appreciation by getting fiance, Italian singer Benjamin Mascolo, an engagement ring as well. Posting his own version of "I Said Yes!" on Instagram, Mascolo showed off a diamond-studded openwork gold ring. While the price of Mascolo's engagement ring is unknown, we can safely confirm that men do in fact appreciate tokens of love.

Romee Strijd and Laurens van Leeuwen

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Recently engaged and parents to their one-year-old daughter Mint, former Victoria's Secret model Romee Strijd shared the happy news over Instagram with a brilliant three to four round cut white diamond, "floating" on a very thin trio setting with three tiny pavé diamonds on each side of a yellow gold band. While the ring itself is gloriously understated, the estimated value of the ring comes in at almost £300,000.

Celebrities may have the means to create a ring that matches their vision, and the process of bespoke jewellery doesn't require massive expense. A token of love, made with all the reasons you've chosen each other as life partners, will be equally beautiful, and fits within your budget exactly. Contact us if you're ready to get the design process started, or follow us on Instagram to get some sparkling inspiration.

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