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A Collection as Unique as Your Story

Your bridal jewellery should be an authentic reflection of your story. And, nothing sets one apart quite like Haruni Bridal. Available in styles to suit all tastes, Haruni rings and other accompanying wedding jewellery feature glistening natural diamonds and gemstones, chosen by you and carefully hand set by our skilled team. 

I Promise, I Will, I Do


Fleur de Luce

Our signature bridal collection is the simply unique Fleur de Luce. Inspired by flowers, each piece stands as a testament to the life we envision - full of colours, fragrances, thorns, and blooms. Fleur de Luce Bridal is a radiant collection of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings and delicate pendants. Masterfully designed and crafted to create a lasting impression. 

The stunning Fluer de Luce Collet features on our rings and is truly one of a kind. But, look closely and you will notice that each piece features the Fluer de Luce design. From the beautiful pendant necklaces to the bracelets and on each of the earrings, all tie together beautifully making them the perfect jewellery to mark this milestone.

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