About Us

Telling Precious Stories

Formed in the depths of the earth, gemstones are the storytellers of the natural world. Their magic is in their individuality. Each has its own unique character and charm. These treasures of nature are embedded in the centuries-old cultural fabric of myths, legends and history. Passed down through the years in precious pieces of jewellery, they take on new chapters in their story and new meaning to each owner, building an inimitable history as they go. Few things spark such personal emotion as rare gems that have been given, received, inherited or created to mark life’s moods and milestones. This is why the Haruni family has built their life around them.

Our Jewellery

Located behind an unassuming, understated door in London lies Hatton Garden’s best kept secret, the Haruni design studio. Here we create and craft exquisite jewellery using some of the most precious gemstones and diamonds from around the world. Our experts skillfully blend traditional designs with a contemporary aesthetic, creating timeless modern heirlooms to be treasured for generations.

Explore our exquisite collections, from playful and vibrant daywear to dazzling statement pieces. Inspired by love and the whimsical allure of flowers, we create jewellery for all of life's milestones. Whether marking those silent unspoken moments with a token of affection or declaring an undying love with breathtaking engagement and bridal jewellery.

The Haruni Story

Our story is one steeped in history. We have been gem experts for three generations, boasting almost a century of knowledge and skilled craftsmanship. This rich heritage means that we have a deep understanding of gemstones from across the globe, expertise that places us in the perfect position to source, design and make jewellery for those who seek finer, more unique pieces. 

Our pioneering family spirit has led us, not only around the world, but to partner with some of the global leaders in fine jewellery. And this wealth of experience eventually led to us developing our own unique collections. These take inspiration from our travels, our heritage and our own individual love stories. 

Custom Designed Heirlooms

Create your legacy by having your own piece of jewellery designed and handset at the Haruni Studio. Whether you would like to design engagement or wedding jewellery which includes gemstones symbolic of your journey; or you want to create a truly unique signature piece for yourself or a loved one, we can help. 

The process behind our bespoke jewellery service is informed by our years of experience. It has been created as a way of realising your vision and turning it into precious pieces of fine jewellery. We are guided by you, listening to your wants, needs and desires, and collaborating closely with you to create the perfect piece of jewellery.