Mapping Your Vision: Our Bespoke Journey

Bespoke jewellery tells a story of its own. Commissioning a bespoke piece that is a true reflection of yourself is a truly personal experience- the creation needs to feel right for you. We channel your vision, from the first hand-drawn sketch to the precious finished piece. Our in-house jewellery designers are here to work with you on your unique journey.


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Telling Precious Stories

The Harunis are three generations of gem experts. A nomadic clan that has been roaming the world for over seven decades, bringing together their collective knowledge to source and sell precious gemstones.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
“The stones and pieces exceeded my hopes. The entire process, even amid the pandemic, was smooth. Your guidance was pivotal in my decisions. Wearing the jewellery brings joy, and I eagerly anticipate our next collaboration.”
— Rajesh P.
Customer reviews
“Richard sources unparalleled precious stones. His expertise in design creates a unique shopping experience. From concept to final piece, working with him is a delight. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”
— Amelia T.
Customer reviews
"My wife envisioned a perfect necklace, and you brought it to life! I'm grateful for your patience and expertise during the process. Your craftsmanship shines in every detail. A big thanks for making her dream tangible."
— Clara M.

Our Journal

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There has never been a better time for designing an engagement ring yourself. As it is the most meaningful piece of jewellery you might ever wear, why not enhance its meaning by being involved in the design process.

Why bespoke jewellery might be the perfect symbol of savouring moments

As life opens up around us - likely bringing with it new freedoms and busier social calendars - many of us will be feeling inspired to return to 'normality'. There will undoubtedly be a desire to have new experiences and reward ourselves with new things.