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Telling Precious Stories

Formed in the depths of the earth, gemstones are the storytellers of the natural world. Their magic is in their individuality. Each has its own unique character and charm. These treasures of nature are embedded in the centuries-old cultural fabric of myths, legends and history the world over. Passed down through the years in precious pieces of jewellery, they take on new chapters in their story and new meaning to each owner, building an inimitable history as they go. Few things spark such personal emotion as rare gems that have been given, received, inherited or created to mark life’s moods and milestones. This is why the Haruni family has built their life around them.

The Harunis are three generations of gem experts. A nomadic clan that has been roaming the world for over seven decades, bringing together their collective knowledge to source and sell precious gemstones. Known for being one of the first and largest wholesale dealers of coloured gemstones in the world, their clients have included Cartier, Asprey, David Morris, Van Cleef and Chopard.

The Haruni love affair with fine gems began in the thirties, when Moshe Haruni made the journey from his home in Persia along the Silk Road to India, selling exquisite silk rugs. While getting to know life in the markets with the dealers and traders, Moshe met an Indian gem merchant who persuaded him, in the midst of the Bombay heat, to venture into the business of precious stones. The fortune of a family was turned on its head.

Moshe’s three sons, Elie, Mat and Aaron, continued the work their father started. Eventually setting up a business in London’s Hatton Garden, they continued to scatter across the globe in search of rare gems. From the verdant hills of Thailand and Burma, the palmed beaches of Sri Lanka, across Colombian mountains and through Indian forests, they sourced from places rich in unique and remarkable stones, each with its own story to tell. The brothers cultivated a deep understanding of the industry and pride in making their name synonymous with expertise and excellence, going on to be considered one of the leading global gemstone authorities.

The business has now passed to Richard Haruni, who was taught by his father. Like the two generations before him, he has a natural affinity for the stones. Haruni Jewels specialises in coloured, responsibly sourced gems. With offices in London, Geneva and Ramat Gan in Israel, Haruni Jewellery works closely with mines and suppliers worldwide to provide clients with competitively priced stones, beautiful, own-brand collections and an inspired service in bespoke jewellery design.

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