Committed to Responsible Sourcing and Making

One of our key values is to carry out and promote responsible practices in the sourcing and production of our fine jewellery.

This includes, but is not limited to, only using trusted suppliers of our coloured gemstones, not involved in handling stones from conflict areas, promoting fair working practices for all workers in the production chain, and ensuring clear communication about the origin and treatment of our stones, wherever possible.

As a proud partner of the Coloured Gemstones Working Group (GCWG), a joint initiative started in 2015 by Chopard, Gemfields, Kering, LVMH, Richemont, Swarovski, Tiffany & Co. and the Muzo Companies, we uphold the following commitments towards these goals:

Policy and Management

We commit to apply clear policies and appropriate systems to manage our organisation responsibly.

Business Ethics and Integrity

We commit to carry out our business ethically, complying with the law, and preventing all forms of corruption and illegal activities.

Responsible Sourcing

We commit to better understand the source of the materials and products we buy, and to support responsible production wherever possible.

Human Rights and Equality

We commit to uphold the fundamental human rights of each individual, and encourage inclusion and equality in our company, and the wider gemstone and jewellery community.

Labour Rights and Fair Working

We commit to respect the rights of our staff and to treat them justly, employing them with full compliance with the law, and providing fair working conditions.

Health and Safety at Work

We commit to provide safe working conditions for our staff, considering the risks connected to the activities that they carry out, and assure a healthy and hygienic environment.

Environmental Protection

We commit to respect natural resources, and strive to take action to minimise our impact on the natural environment.

Community Development

We commit to support the sustainable advancement of the communities that contribute to and depend on the gemstone and jewellery supply chain, wherever possible.

Responsible Mining

We commit to encourage responsible mining practices to reduce the impact of activities on local communities and the natural environment.

Product Transparency

We commit to ensure transparent communication about the origins and treatment of our gemstones and jewellery where possible, and on the characteristics that make them unique.

International Gemstones Ltd t/a Haruni Jewellery – United Kingdom

Major Trading S.A. – Switzerland