Andrew's Earrings

Andrew came to us looking to make a pair of earrings for his wife. His search started with an ask for price request one a pair of rubies he liked and we took it from there.

Having established his budget and the finer points of what he wanted, we started to go to work on the dream custom made earrings.

The idea was a pair of rubies, with some diamonds to highlight, and a simple way of them hanging with movement. We chose a 'shepherd's crook' fitting as it achieved both objectives perfectly.

This is the honest truth, but once he realised how affordable the whole thing was, he had budget to spare for a second pair.

Now we presented sapphires and diamonds.

Worked on getting the sizes right (you'll notice we one diamond slightly bigger than the other). A simple setting was chosen and we went off to make them.

Andrew Writes:

Loose stones bought from Richard were made into earrings by Richard.

All through the process Richard answered all the questions I had (I had a lot!)

Photos were provided to aid the choice of accent stones.

The process was very smooth even when I throw curve balls.

The earrings are beautiful and I would definitely buy from Richard again.

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