Lately, engagement rings have been doing a lot.

Beyond professing future plans for marriage, engagement rings are getting more personal - couples want to incorporate the unique aspects of their love story with personal style, values, and intentions for their lives together, all presented in one beautiful message.

In other words, the engagement ring trends for 2022 will have a little bit of everything and then some.

Here are four engagement ring trends that will grace the fingers of the new year:

Yellow Gold

Warm and bright like the morning Sun, yellow gold is rising in popularity for engagement ring metals. Normally associated with styles from the 80s and 90s, yellow gold has stepped up as the colour for go-to pieces.

In addition to yellow gold being a flattering colour on many skin tones, yellow gold rings are easier to resize if the need comes up. Thinner bands and delicate settings in rich, honeyed tones ensure your ring maintains a timeless-modern feel.

While the oval, round, princess, and cushion cuts are still the most popular, fancy cuts are on the rise for the 2022 engagement season. If your partner also happens to be a fashion maverick, the pear-shaped, marquise, and emerald cuts are definitely options to consider.

Halo Engagement Rings

For the lovers of all the sparkle, halo engagement rings are firmly on the trends list for 2022.

Made up of small diamonds that surround the center stone, halo rings maximize the glamour and shine factor for the wearer who isn't afraid to make a bold statement.

An equally beautiful - and more subtle alternative is the hidden halo, where the diamonds are added to the ring's basket, the part where the prongs and wire hold up the center stone. Don't let the small detail fool you, hidden halos also shine brilliantly at the right angle of light.

Vintage-Style Engagement Rings

Intentionally old-fashioned, vintage engagement rings use traditional craftsmanship to create a ring with a love story full of all the charm, warmth, and longevity - a family heirloom in the making if not already inherited.

If you don't have a ring passed down from generations with an origin story fit for a Peter Morgan creation, look for ring style features like delicate milgrain and filigree or a nature-inspired theme.

Engagement rings are as deeply personal as they are universal, and as next year’s wave of happy announcements wash over our timelines, we’ll be seeing a lot more colour, styles and references, plenty of inspiration to come!

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