Get The Look: Think Pink

Colour pink is back in vogue and is one of the biggest trends this Summer season. And you know what is the best way to wear your pinks? It's jewellery of course! Statement earrings is another huge trend that you should be aware of because it's an easy way to give your outfit an instant lift and most importantly - it's fun! So needless to say that choosing to adorn your ears with hefty designs in pink, you are filling two needs with one deed. Seeing all the beautiful fancy coloured gemstone jewellery around, we've decided to create some of our own inspired designs. Ruby, sapphire, emerald or diamond - all are great choices to bring more colour into your jewellery, but fancy pink sapphire is definitely the gem that you're looking for when it comes to this dreamy shade. Here are some of our top sartorial and jewellery picks to help you get more experimental with your next look.

Diamond and multi-coloured sapphire ear pendants, Tiffany & Co. and Trussardi Spring 2017 look

Trussardi Spring 2017 look and Tiffany & Co. drop earrings of oval kunzites, diamonds and platinum

The Gem Bank's Pink Sapphires

CONCLUSION: Let us know how do you incorporate the trend of colour pink into your jewellery this season, we look forward to hearing from you!

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