Introducing the Haruni Setting

At Haruni, we believe that every piece of fine jewellery has its own story to tell, one that will be passed down through generations. Our gorgeous signature Fleur de Luce collet, a striking feature of our bridal collection, is rooted in its own romantic origins story. Since its creation, it has influenced countless love stories. 

The Haruni Fleur De Luce Collet

A great designer will set themselves apart from their contemporaries. A Haruni piece is instantly recognisable by the unique Fleur de Luce collet. This is an elegant claw setting created to hold the finest handset gemstones and diamonds. Delicate, yet striking, the design is inspired by the flowers creator Richard Haruni would give to his wife, Lucy, every Friday. 

The delicate petals of the bespoke collet gently clasp that jewel, forming around it flower-like and creating the most breathtaking profile. Distinct in style, it makes the simplest of solitaire diamonds stand out, while gracefully complimenting more detailed designs such as diamond trilogy engagement rings or our remarkably intricate Halo Engagement ring with Pavé.

The Fleur de Luce collet offers something meaningful and somewhat out of the ordinary when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. Choosing a ring with this type of subtle detail suggests a person who is willing to look for the extraordinary in the everyday. Someone who will seek out their own unique love story with jewellery that holds meaning.

Beyond aesthetics, the Fleur de Luce ring, and indeed the collet, have been crafted to be worn with ease for eternity. Designed with soft cashmere-like edges, the comfortable fit that means engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings can be worn together, sitting perfectly and seamlessly on the hand.

Fleur De Luce Bridal Gifts

Our Fleur de Luce bridal collection features a range of classic stunning pendants and earrings, making them the perfect accompanying gifts for loved ones or your bride. Our diamond stud earrings are available in a range of golds or platinum to match with our Fleur de Luce wedding bands. They are set securely in the Fleur de Luce collet with secure push-back closures. Both elegant and practical, the perfect jewellery to take the wearer from ceremony to evening celebrations. 

Or, for a more striking ensemble, opt for our Three Stone Diamond Earrings, each again in the Fleur de Luce collet available in shades of gold or platinum. Available with a matching pendant necklace, each dazzling round diamond is expertly cut to show off its full lustre and effortlessly accompanies any look or jewellery set.

With each piece crafted to symbolise the milestones of a joyous and fulfilled life, Fleur de Luce draws inspiration from classic jewellery designs, seamlessly uniting tradition and sophistication, capturing the essence of subtle elegance in every piece with the gorgeous Fleur de Luce collet. Explore the full Fleur de Luce range today.