Mined in Egypt as early as 3500 BC and by ancient Romans in the European Alps, emeralds are ancient gemstones admired by people for thousands of years. Incas and Aztecs offered them to their gods and preferred death over giving up their sources of the green crystal to the Spanish conquistators.

From this time forward, royalty in many different countries looked to South America for a supply of the beautiful green emerald stones to adorn their jewellery and crowns.

Emeralds have been thought to strengthen memory and wisdom. They have also stood for fertility, as well as to provide the wearer a calming effect, good luck and health, sharp wit and joy of life. Pliny, the Roman scholar, was the first one to suggest emerald was a family member of the beryl species.

Emeralds owe their green colour to elements incorporated into the crystal when it forms, i.e. chromium or vanadium and iron. Emerald's main source are situated in Colombia, Brazil and Africa, especially Zambia.

Emerald is the birthstone for May and the Zodiac gemstone for Pisces. They are also recommended for couples celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary and a great alternative to diamonds for engagement rings.