Ladies, there's probably nothing more sweet than to see an engagement ring pop up from your man and be asked for a "happy ever after" with him. Who doesn't like such a romantic act? But have you ever wondered how in the world did he ever find the perfect engagement ring to give?

Men, you are probably stressed out on where to start your engagement ring purchase. During those days, you may wish for a fairy godmother to appear and grant all your ring demands but surprisingly, she's not there to help. Think about giving up? We hope you don't. We understand the bumps you have faced and we are here to guide you on your purchase to the most gorgeous engagement ring that fits your soon-to-be fiancée.

Follow these 7 practical tips and be ready to hear a sounding "Yes" from your sweetheart.


1. Know her lifestyle.

This requires you think carefully about how she expresses herself - at work, in social settings or simply being at home. Remember that the engagement ring will be on her hand everyday for some time or ever for the rest of her life. It would keep you close to getting the right ring for her by learning her personal style like her favourite fabric, the colour of her clothes, her shoe style and the jewellery she prefers to wear every single day. Considering the nature of her job will give you an idea on how the ring will fit into what she does on a daily basis.


2. Get her ring size.

Though it seems like a small detail, her ring size is a really big consideration and something you must never ignore. It can be very disappointing and daunting to have a ring re-sized after the grand proposal - she may find the idea less attractive. So be cautious with this one. One sure fire way to know her ring size without her knowing is to let a friend borrow the ring she often wears and together, you compare it to a ring sizing chart or you may use clay to pattern the ring for a more exact measurement. Using a piece of string to measure her finger while she sleeps is another sneaky but effective way to get her ring size(!) Her best friend can be a good accomplice on this task as well. Ask her to show off her ring and encourage your girl to try it on and see how it fits. Just a little creativity on this one and you're good to go.

3. Choose a stone shape.

The shape of the stone can tremendously add beauty to the entire ring. Learn her favourite shape. Shape indicates the actual geometry of the stone. Among the most popular stone shapes to pick are: round, oval, emerald, marquise, pear, radiant, princess and the more unusual heart shape.

4. Choose a ring setting.

The setting of the ring can set the tone; therefore it is important that you pick a good one that can really make a big difference - something that can add value and beauty to the finished product. The setting is the metal framework in which the stone is mounted. You may find that a classic round stone becomes more beautiful and modern in a bezel setting while a trendy oval can appear more traditional in a four-prong setting. This is a matter of getting the right combination of stone shape and metal setting that gives the best desired effect.

5. Set the right budget.

The cost of an engagement ring is oftentimes more than what you think it is. So if you haven't yet looked for rings before, you may be surprised to encounter a really pricey one. But don't let this discourage you. There are ring options for every budget and you can surely find the perfect ring for the budget you have set. To help you start, assess yourself how much you are willing to spend for an engagement ring without causing a dent in your savings. Secondly, set aside additional cash for unexpected expenses like shipment if you are buying the ring online or insurance for your item's protection. The basic rule here is to never put your finances at risk with the purchase.

6. Consider the metal.

There are several varieties of metals you can pick from for a ring. Among the most widely used are platinum and gold. Platinum displays an extremely durable finish while being a great hypoallergenic choice for couples with sensitive skin. Gold is also a top preference due to its multiple options of colours including white, rose and yellow, while giving out a classy and rich overall finish. Palladium, which is getting more and more popular, is another interesting metal to consider. It exudes a much darker colour than platinum and can be very elegant.

7. Shop safe.

Don't trust any jewellery shop you know nothing about. Start your search by seeking recommendations from your friends or family. If no one is there to give you recommendations, check for industry organisation affiliation. Stores with accreditation from GIA are reliable places to start. You may also consider checking the store's return policy. This will give you the right to exchange the ring if it's not what she wants. Remember to never get any jewellery without warranty or insurance and never buy an engagement ring without protection. Always assume possible loss, including damage or theft.

Always set aside enough time to search for the best engagement ring. Don't rush your purchase. This is an investment that you wouldn't want to waste just because of time restrictions.

Shopping for an engagement ring is definitely demanding and challenging. Some men would tend to turn away from the overwhelming considerations. But here's the deal - once you arrive at the perfect ring you desire to surprise your lovely woman, you'll see the price of your hard work all paid off. Yes, it takes time, even gets you to spend a lot but at the end of it is a marvelous happy ending with the woman you love. Is there anything greater than that?

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