Thinking about popping the question? Or maybe he has already said yes, and now it's time for you to choose the engagement ring. This is the real problem, what to buy? As with buying any piece of jewellery it all comes down to personality and finding the right piece that will match that personality.

Thankfully men are not bogged down with the simple white diamond solitaire engagement ring as the most popular choice - as this trend is still in its first decade the male engagement ring has no social norms or conformity society says it must adhere to. Literally anything goes, from simple bands in yellow gold or platinum to snake and dragon heads to full blown bling coloured diamonds to simple ruby solitaire rings, to wooden or leather simple bands – without the constrictions of tradition, a man's engagement ring can be as unique as he is.

Having said all that, it's still difficult to choose an engagement ring for a man. Men at the best of times can be extremely difficult to buy for, never mind when it's something that will grace their finger for the rest of their lives, or at least a few years until they swap it for their wedding band.

Here are our top tips to help you decide

1. Budget. How much do you have to spend? The tradition is 2 -3 times a man's monthly salary when buying an engagement ring for a woman. However, as we have said tradition is still not set when buying mens' engagement rings. So how much you spend is up to you, and depends on what style of engagement ring you buy and how long he will wear it for - many men only wear the engagement ring until the wedding band replaces it - for example Michael Buble wore his simple band engagement ring till he got married then swapped it for his wedding band.

Other men, just like most women, wear a lavish engagement ring as well as their wedding band when they get married. Johnny Depp did this, and yes we know his marriagge quite spectacularly failed, but it's the jewellery we're talking about.

2. What's his personality? Does he wear jewellery anyway? Rings come in all shapes and styles, chances are some will be more suited than others. If your intended already wears diamond earrings, then he will probably be keen to wear a diamond engagement ring. But if he is more reserved in character, then a simple band might be more to his liking. If he is a Hipster? Eco leather strap is a must. Biker? Skull or snake head ring! You have also got to decide if you think he will wear this ring forever, or just as a symbol until the wedding ring replaces it – if the latter is the case then you can go as untraditional as you like, as he will only be wearing it for a limited time anyway. If it is the former and this engagement ring is for life then choosing a material that is long lasting in a style that he will be willing to wear forever would be the better choice.


3. What stone? If you are buying an engagement ring with a diamond in it - then coloured diamonds, especially black and coffee coloured diamonds, are so far the most popular and both colours go very well with either yellow gold or platinum settings.

4. Declaration of Love. As with any wedding jewellery the engagement ring is an outward declaration of love and commitment - no matter what style, size or shape it is, no matter the how big or small the budget, it's the symbolism of your commitment and love that matters. To Read about the rise in trend of the men's engagement ring - click here.

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