FREE ring Valuation!

What's the value of that old ring of yours? Is there anything you can do with it, and would it be worth the cost? There is hardly a house in the country that doesn't have at least one ring that's old and unused. And most people have no idea what to do with them. The ring might have a stone missing, a claw broken, or you just have no idea what the stones are. The real pain is that you have no idea what the ring is actually worth - or is it worth anything at all?

Maybe it's an old heirloom engagement ring, or an engagement ring from a first marriage or just an old ring that has been sat in a jewellery box in the back of the cupboard for years never to see the light of day. Regardless of its history, jewellery is created to be worn and enjoyed. But the problem is, where to start? Ring valuations can be expensive, especially if you, like so many other people, want to have ring valued so it can then be redesigned. Or perhaps the stones removing, being changed or used in a fresh piece of jewellery. But first things first, you need to find out what stones have been used, what the metal is, and finally, the rings valuation. You never know, sometimes the age of a ring can increase its value, it could be a highly collectable antique!

It is very fashionable to not only wear vintage rings, but to have old rings reworked and brought up to date, and in many cases completely reimagined. Perhaps the ring has a stone missing, or you would wear it if it had a different coloured gemstone altogether?

This is why, Haruni Fine Gems are offering a FREE single ring valuation. We know many people are put off by the cost of having a ring valued, so we have taken that initial cost, that initial worry away for you. By offering the valuation for FREE you can come and see us with complete piece of mind. After that we will even discuss with you what your vision for the ring is. A change of centre stone perhaps? Or a complete redesign, the possibilities are endless.

So go and get the ring, start the process and get in touch with the Haruni Jewels today, for a Free single ring valuation.

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