I know this might look a little lame - no post since March, but I have been stuffing the site into a cocoon, and towards the end of the summer of 2009 I hope to be relaunching it. Why bother you may ask? Well the web isn't something that stands still and there is technology out there that when harnessed well can do amazing things for your business.

I have found that with all the research I am currently doing about the internet and its application to business, if I can make it succeed in the gem trade - this venerable form of trading, I can make it succeed with any business. Even yours!

So I will carry on with the boffins, techies and wizards and look forward to showing you how the web can be to any business with the right application.

One call to action:

Let me know what features you would like a site for the gem and jewellery trade to feature? Post below or send me an email. Thank you for your continued patience.

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