The Fleur de Luce Engagement Ring Collection shines with unparalleled elegance and design, capturing the essence of enduring love. At its heart lies the solitaire setting with the Fleur de Luce colet — a symbol of every love story it adorns.

Available in classic cuts from round brilliant to cushion, each setting is adaptable for distinctive gemstones.

They can stand majestically alone or be accentuated by our diamond bands, with diamonds hand-set in perfect harmony, reflecting our dedication to excellence.

For the minimalist, our 'wed-fit' bands symbolise pure love, designed to pair flawlessly with our engagement and promise rings.

Beyond rings, the collection extends to bridal jewelry, each echoing the signature flower motif. Diamond studs, pendants, and tennis bracelets weave a design tapestry that complements and elevates.

Moreover, the Fleur de Luce isn't exclusive to the betrothed. Gift loved ones with our button pendant, mirroring the bride's ring. Personalise it with the wedding date, forging a timeless bond reminder.

The Fleur de Luce isn't just jewelry — it's a tribute to love's power and allure. Crafted with passion and precision, it beckons you to a love that's distinct and radiant. Let love flourish with Fleur de Luce.