Miri's Bespoke Sapphire Ring

Jewellery Design Process

Miri's Bespoke Sapphire Ring Journey

I've had the pleasure of taking Miri through our jewellery design process on a few occasions. All the pieces featuring her favourite colour: purple.

Once we have established what we're making-whether it be a ring or a bracelet-I came up with a few design ideas then found the stones to support that.

With the stock I have at hand, it's easy for me to play around with stones during the jewellery design process, adding and taking away elements on the bespoke sapphire ring until I get the composition just right.

Miri has been a wonderful client to work with from the start. It gives me absolute pleasure knowing she enjoys the bespoke sapphire ring and other pieces I made just for her.

Miri's Testimonial

Richard is able to source the most incredible precious stones. When you combine that with his skill and experience in jewellery design, he offers the perfect "one-stop shop" for truly original and beautiful pieces. From design through to end product, he's an absolute pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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