There is a Cinderella moment you get the first time you try on something that was made exclusively for you. That has never been truer, than with bespoke jewellery design. It's that crowning moment (if you'll pardon the pun), where the reason behind the piece being made, the artistry of the design process, the curiosity when selecting gems and anticipation while the jewel is being made, all come together in a magical moment. When you try it on and it feels a part of you, like a second skin.

'Bespoke' is a word that is often overused and abused. Like the word 'luxury', now used in sandwiches and toilet roll, they are often applied, to "upgrade" the mundane and increase the price. Not the case if you really are being offered a bespoke product or service. You may have decorated your house and had a "bespoke" kitchen fitted or might have bought a car with tailor made specifications, but until you've had something you wear; whether it's a suit, pair of shoes, or in this case a ring or piece of jewellery, you'll never get that Cinderella moment.

When you wear piece of jewellery that is custom made, you take on a power, an expression of your true self for others to see. In the same way that when you wear an heirloom piece of jewellery, or create something out of an inherited piece, you feel like you're carrying that person with you in some way. But it doesn't come easily. It requires understanding, vision, communication and patience. Sure, there is a price tag associated with this (although not always as high as you might think), but unlike almost anything else you might have made to measure, this will last well beyond your lifetime.

So Why Go Bespoke?

Thoughtful accessorising is truly one of the most profound ways we can showcase our own individuality. Of course, we can look towards most jewellers for a beautifully crafted, ready-to-wear piece. However, these pieces aren't designed with a distinct, unique wearer in mind. Rather, they are either produced as an expression of the designer's style, which you may identify with, or they are designed for a target market; instead of you, the individual.

While we can all identify with and enjoy these particular pieces of jewellery, sometimes we are looking for a little more that truly epitomises our own character, or a significant moment in life. Bespoke jewellery often holds untold meaning and is used to commemorate something remarkable.

It can be valuable with the use of precious gemstones, utilising added design twists that mark our very individual changing trends and tastes. It can be the perfect prompt that takes us back to the joy of experiencing a special achievement in life, or even of a fleeting moment in time that we'd like to remember. When designing a custom made piece, there are a few questions you might like to consider throughout the process. Making these considerations early on can help you decide upon the perfect combination of gemstones, sentimentality and style.   

Think About the Moment You'd Like to Savour

Whether the gem is set within earrings, a bracelet, a necklace or a ring can have a significant impact on how often you'll wear it comfortably. Some bracelets, for example, can become slightly irritating when you're trying to work.

If you prefer to commission a down-to-earth piece you can adorn yourself with on a daily basis, then earrings or a necklace are perhaps the more suitable option. Pieces that don't get in the way can make a sophisticated statement without getting in the way of everyday tasks, such as doing the school run!

Gemstones often have links to particular moments in life, from the dazzling diamonds associated with engagements, to glistening rubies used to celebrate Ruby wedding anniversaries.

Re-crafting Heirloom Mementos with Bespoke Jewellery Design

Heirloom jewellery can appear outdated, despite the sentimental associations you have developed over the years. It's only natural; styles evolve, just as quickly as time moves on. Bespoke jewellery design is the ideal way to transform a piece of heirloom jewellery into something you'll want to wear, time and time again, taking the meaning forward you. Whether you inherited a vintage gemstone from a close relative, or even if you want to simply have your engagement ring updated... Bespoke jewellery design allows you to re-craft special memories in ways that suit your own classic style.

Contemplate Whether the Bespoke Piece Will Suit Your Current Jewellery Collection

There are a few questions to consider with regards to how harmoniously the bespoke piece will sit within your own assortment of personal jewellery. Fine jewels are renowned for adding a touch of elegance to any outfit, regardless of the specific gemstone used. However, taking your own personal style into account will help when it comes to crafting a bespoke piece that suits your own tastes.

  • Will the piece clash with other jewellery that means a lot to you? You'll likely wear meaningful jewellery more often; having two sentimental pieces that clash can make them tricky to choose between when selecting accessories.
  • Do you want something to stand out, or blend seamlessly with your current pieces? Commissioning a bespoke piece is a lovely way to have something entirely unique designed. Perhaps you prefer simplicity over grandiose accessories, however merging the two styles within your jewellery can make an expressive statement.
  • How often do you feel you'll wear the bespoke jewellery? Consider the ease of wear and whether gemstone colours suit your wardrobe choices.

How the Personalities of Gemstones Can Celebrate Your Individuality

Bespoke jewellery gives you the freedom to design pieces around a particular idea or theme. Whether you're outspoken and vibrant, or prefer more subtle handiwork, bespoke jewellery can be a remarkable way to let your own personality shine. Sapphires make alluring statement pieces and are known for being showcased by "life of the party" personalities. Alternatively, emeralds are known to represent peaceful, elegant personalities.   Particular gemstones are also said to have healing powers in some cases. Thinking about the healing power of certain precious stones can have a significant impact on the meaning behind a commissioned gift or bespoke piece of jewellery. Rubies are said to protect the wearer from harm, while diamonds have been associated with attracting luck. Thinking about the symbolic meaning and potential powers held by gemstones can make all the difference. Considering every aspect of the gemstone can help you craft a carefully considered bespoke piece, epitomising the love and care that went into the design.

Consider How Certain Gemstones Will Suit Your Skin Tone

While gemstones are traditionally beautiful reminders of grace and decorum, not every gemstone will suit each individual. Inherently, precious gems are just as unique as each and every one of us.   One frequently overlooked aspect of jewellery design and gemstone selection is the consideration of skin tone. Think of it as akin to how an emerald green dress might look dazzling when worn by a woman with a cooler skin tone, while orange and yellow shades will shine against a warmer skin tone.   The same idea applies to gemstones. We're all naturally born with our own specific skin tones, and these can play a huge role in the way we wear colours. Of course, we can each wear whatever we like; that's part of the beauty in embracing individual style. However, selecting a bespoke piece that complements the wearer will allow the gems to exhibit their true splendour.

Tailored to Your Exact Measurements

One of the strikingly attractive elements of bespoke jewellery is that you can have it crafted to fit your exact measurements. The frustration that comes with owning a piece of beautiful jewellery that simply doesn't fit can be exasperating. Luckily, services such as ring resizing can help fix those issues. However, by having jewellery made on a bespoke level, you can tailor the sizing of rings or the length of necklaces right from the very beginning.   When gifting jewellery, ensuring it fits perfectly is a sure-fire way to show the thought and care that went into selecting the gift. The sizing of a gift can completely alter a moment; think of Cinderella and her perfectly sized glass slipper.   One way to gather the ideal ring size for you (or your loved one) is to use the Play-Doh ring sizing method. By following our handy guide to working out the perfect ring size, you can ensure you're commissioning a skilfully tailored piece of bespoke jewellery.

When is the right time to Commission a Bespoke Piece.

Obviously, there are major occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, where a piece of jewellery will do just fine. But there are times when you indulge yourself or someone indulges you with a piece jewellery that is made exclusively for you and an expression of you. You need to remember that bespoke jewellery design can take a lot of careful planning and forethought. We're all too familiar with the last-minute rush that comes as occasions loom.   You might be looking to commission a bespoke piece of jewellery as part of a gift, or even a little treat for yourself after a year of hard work. Either way, showing your interest now is crucial in helping us craft your bespoke jewellery in a more considered, meaningful and less hurried way.  

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