According to Bonham's Auction house, in the UK alone there is over £50 million pounds worth of unwanted jewellery gathering dust in Britain's homes and attics. So it's definitely worth your while, spending a few minutes having a dig through that old jewellery box, that box in the loft or back of the garage and digging out that old jewellery - because what you find, could be astonishing.

Ever wondered how you can get something out of the jewellery you don't wear without selling it for scrap?

Do you know, you could be sitting on a fortune without even knowing it? And who hasn't, at one time or another, dreamt about that? But this dream, isn't as farfetched as you might think. According to research, there are houses all over the world that could be mini treasure troves. Intrigued? Think about it, there is hardly a home that doesn't have an old ring, a pair of earrings, an old brooch or necklace, inherited from a long lost relative. There are millions upon millions worth of forgotten jewellery, sat in the back of cupboards, collecting dust, abandoned and unloved in houses all over the world - and yours could be one of them. As mentioned, Bonham's Auction house, reckons there is over £50 million pounds worth in the UK alone.

You won't be alone either, lots of people have already realised that their old forgotten jewellery might be worth a second look, a second life, by reimagining, and remodelling their old jewellery, and falling in love with it all over again. There are lots of different ways you can make your jewellery even more special, even more personal to you and your tastes. You can easily change any stone in a piece of jewellery to match the birthstone of the month that you were married or to your children's birthstone. Or, if you wish, you can completely reimagine the piece of jewellery.

The options are endless and the potential to make new jewellery from old, is exciting and quite original. Those old diamond studs you never wear, can be the perfect side stones to a a sapphire ring. Your old engagement ring could make the perfect pendant, as you've chosen to upgrade your original ring, but don't want to lose the sentimentality of your old one. You might have inherited grandma's old engagement ring, but can't imagine wearing it the way it is today. So what do you do?

At Haruni Fine Jewels, we are on a quest, to give the love back to old forgotten jewellery and to help you fall back in love with your old jewels and gems. As established gemstone and diamond dealers, based in London, we have everything you'll need to get the jewellery you want made. We are offering a FREE consultation to discuss your ideas on what to do with an old piece of your jewellery that you want to bring back to life. I know a case where grandma's old diamond brooch, made 6 pieces of jewellery for her grandchildren, including diamond rings and diamond earrings. I have also unmounted many stones from a parent wanting to pass on stones to their children to use in engagement rings. has all the expertise and capability, to guide you through the entire process, from initial FREE consultation to the finished reimagined piece of jewellery. We are experts in creating bespoke pieces of jewellery from existing pieces, and together we can add to the story of your family heirloom.

Jewellery is meant to be worn and enjoyed - let us breathe new life into the old pieces for you, so your jewellery can be enjoyed again.      

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