The most meaningful jewellery a woman will ever wear has to be her engagement ring. So how do you make that more meaningful? Become involved in the design process.

The engagement ring is one of the few pieces of jewellery that has meaning, is worn daily and is likely to be passed down to the next generations. So spending a month or two after popping the question will make all the difference.

The first thing to do is get a placeholder ring. We're giving them away! Then once you're ready, come back to us and design your own ring from the stone up.

The most beautiful pieces of jewellery and the most famous pieces of jewellery, all started with a stone. Today, fine jewellers all agree that the best place to start any jewellery design, is by choosing the stone first. This is why, are offering you a free design service for your engagement ring, when you buy the stone from us.

What better place to choose the all-important stone for your engagement ring than from a gemstone expert? Not only are we experts in rubies, sapphires and emeralds, we also hold a treasure chest of coloured diamonds, of all shapes and sizes, cuts and colours to choose from. Sapphire engagement rings are so popular yet timeless, but so are ruby engagement rings and emerald rings too, not forgetting stunning coloured diamond engagement rings! What could be more romantic than coming to us to peruse and choose the perfect gemstone for your engagement ring - and what a story to tell others when you finally get to show your bespoke engagement ring off? It's not an overnight process, but neither is your marriage, so best take your time and get it right (in both counts).

As gemstone experts we are best placed to give you piece of mind when choosing the perfect gemstone, in the exact colour and cut that you had in mind. Added to that, we understand that budget is also a deciding factor - so we can help you chose the colour stone you want to match the budget you have set. And with the free design service for your engagement ring when you buy the stone from there is no simpler way to gain a unique, bespoke engagement ring.

If you want help designing any bespoke piece of jewellery, click the link below.

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