Paul's Bespoke Engagement Ring

Jewellery Design Process

Paul's Bespoke Engagement Ring Journey

One of the most amazing things about jewellery is that you can breathe a new life into an inherited family heirloom and create a new history with your reimagined piece.

Paul came to me with a design and a diamond that had been passed down to him from his grandmother. He wanted the diamond to be the centerpiece of his bespoke engagement ring.

After he had seen some other designs, he wanted to include colored diamonds. We chose pink to be the second recolor for the ring.

Working through the design process, I took his design and went back to him with options. In the end, we settled on the design pictured. From there, it was just a matter of "I'll let Paul take it from here."

Paul's Testimonial

Haruni took some initial ideas then designed and made a stunning bespoke engagement ring made up of a round diamond edged with pink diamonds in a platinum setting. They did a fabulous job and the final product is absolutely beautiful.

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