Since writing this post in 2015, the appetite for exceptional rubies has grown and grown, with records being smashed on an almost annual basis. Because of this it is no longer a top 10 list, more of an eye watering look at the world's most expensive rubies.

Without a doubt, the ruby is one of best gifts of nature on Earth. The outrageous beauty of this red stone is more often a "head-turner" than any other coloured gem. Apart from exuding magnificent colour, excellent hardness and exceptional shine, ruby is what holds the record for the most expensive coloured gemstone ever sold at an auction. In fact just earlier this year, a Burmese ruby has sold for $30 million or just over $1 million per carat - a price normally achieved by the rarest and most exceptional coloured diamonds.

With beautiful rare rubies coming out in the open, auction houses have been lucky to get a glimpse of them in a really good way. And right now, we are just as privileged to present to you some of the most stunning rubies sold at auctions - the very few ones that have captivated the world at a glance.

15.04-carat Crimson Flame Ruby

In December 2015 Christie's Hong Kong sold the 15.04-carat Crimson Flame ruby for $18.3 million - the highest price per carat ever paid for a ruby, and still the world record. Set with a cushion-shaped ruby, weighing approximately 15.04 carats, within a cushion-shaped diamond surround, to the pavé-set circular-cut diamond three quarter-hoop, mounted in gold.

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15.99ct Burmese Ruby Ring by Verdura

April 2016 a 15.99ct oval-cut Burmese ruby ring, made by Verdura, sold for $14.16 million at Christie's New York. It set a record as the most expensive colored gemstone ever sold at a US jewelry auction. It is also known as the Jubilee Ruby. The ruby, orignated from Mogok in Myanmar, Burma.

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12.46 carat Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring

Sotheby's Geneva celebrated another win as this Burmese ruby landed with a whopping price of $3,721,415 during their May 2014 auction. Accompanied by Gubelin and SSEF reports, the ruby is set between triangular diamond shoulders and said to show no indications of heating. Marked at a price of $298,669 per carat, this ruby ring is set to hypnotize even the most hard-to-impress auction goers.

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8.99 carat Mogok Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring

Over several decades of glamorous jewellery, there's been no stopping Harry Winston from creating several auction-breaking creations. Harry Winston has been among the big names to dominate auction events, including Christie's Hong Kong sale last November 2013 with his cushion shape ruby weighing approximately 8.99 carats. The rare red gemstone is flanked by triangular-shaped diamonds, mounted in platinum and 18 karat yellow gold. Reports from American Gemological Laboratories revealed that the ruby is from the historic Burmese locality of the Mogok valley. Rubies of this colour have been described as having a "Pigeon Blood" hue, the rarest among rubies. Set at a price of $3,935,105 or $437,720 per carat, there's no denying, this gemstone was the fairest of all the gems present during that auction.

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30.20 carat Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring

This impressive 30.20 carat ruby made a buzz when it topped the Sotheby’s Geneva auction in May 2012 at the price of $4,265,586 or $141,245 per carat. The cushion-shape ruby is flanked by pear-shaped diamonds weighing 2.00 and 2.02 carats respectively. Accompanied by a Gubelin report, the ruby is said to be of Burmese origin with no indications of heating. Simply put, the red centerpiece is rare and surely had every right to rule at the auction.

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13.21 carat Mogok Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring

November 2013 must have been a very lucky month for Christie's Hong Kong auction as "The Regal Ruby", a ruby exhibiting a vivid red colour, excellent purity and attractive cutting style sailed away at a massive price of $5,967,465 or $451,738 per carat. According to a SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute report, the 13.21 carat ruby is of Burmese origin and is found to possess a vivid red colour due to a combination of well-balanced trace elements in the stone. A natural ruby from Burma of this size and quality is very rare and exceptional - something no one can ever debate.

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23.66 carat Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring

Cartier grabbed the auction crown in November 2014 at Christie's Geneva with their 23.66 carat Burmese ruby and diamond ring, popularly known as the "The Queen of Burma". The claws holding the exceptional stone are set with inverted baguette-cut diamonds, mounted in platinum. Fetched at $6,084,559 or $257,166 per carat, this winning piece is more proof that nothing can ever kick Cartier out the auction top achievers.

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32.08 carat Mogok Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring

What makes this Burmese 32.08 carat ruby and diamond ring a real stunner? Apart from its beautiful trapezium-cut diamond shoulders, the ruby is a vivid red, poetically referred to as "Pigeon Blood", the rarest of all rubies which price per carat could yield to hundreds of thousands. Having all the best qualities of a rare gemstone, Christie's Geneva, May 2012 was fortunate to hand this gorgeous ring to the auction winner at a rich price of $6,736,750 or $209,998 per carat. What a lucky day for that person!

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29.62 carat Mogok Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring

Another Burmese ruby and diamond ring impressed a whole auction crowd with its astonishing lustre and gorgeous cut, not to mention the stone being from Burma, where the rarest rubies are being mined. This powerful 29.62 carat Mogok Burmese ruby and diamond ring put Sotheby's Hong Kong sale in April 2014 into the limelight as it fetched a price of $7,379,953 or $249,154 per carat - an extremely high price for a ruby. Add to this the report from Gubelin which states that the ruby shows no indications of heating and clarity enhancement. Truly, this is a rare stone that is deserved of all the heartfelt praises.

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10.10 carat Mogok Burmese Ruby and Diamond Brooch

It would be impossible for a Cartier creation to fail at auction as once again, a proud jewel from them has joined the power list, this time in a form of brooch. The dazzling Cartier 10.10 carat Mogok Burmese ruby and diamond brooch was the number one standout during the Christie's Hong Kong sale in November 2014. It landed at a final price of $8,428,127 or $834,468 per carat. The cushion-cut ruby is arranged within an openwork octagonal plaque, set with square and rectangular-shaped diamonds, accented by triangular-shaped diamond quarters - all mounted in platinum. The accentuated ruby is said to be of Burmese origin, free from any heat treatments and referred to as "Pigeon's Blood" red - a characteristic of the finest rubies from Mogok. What more can we say? A stone as natural and as rare as this can never ever be overlooked.

8.62 carat Mogok Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring

It was to much delight of auction hopefuls to see this gorgeous 8.62 carat Burmese ruby with Mogok origin from Graff finish off the Sotheby's Geneva November 2014 sale at a price of $8,600,410 or $997,727 per carat - a very impressive price for a "Pigeon Blood" ruby. The cushion-shape ruby is set between triangular diamond shoulders within a mount decorated throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds. Supported with a Gubelin report, the red rare stone shows no indications of heating and said to exhibit a magnificent weight and purity and stunning shape and cutting style. The high-priced stone is also examined to show natural clarity and colour, making it well deserved of the world's attention.

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25.59 Mogok Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring

Topping the list is this extravagant 25.59 Mogok Burmese ruby and diamond ring at a whopping price of $30,335,698 or $1,185,451 per carat. This extremely rare ruby named as "The Sunrise Ruby" is a proud Cartier masterpiece and is said to currently hold the record of the highest-priced ruby sold at any given auction in the history. It was expected to garner between $12 million to $18 million but it rocked the entire spring auction when it sold for over $30 million. Owning the spotlight during the Sotheby's Geneva sale in May 2015, the exceptional ruby is flanked by two shield-shaped diamonds weighing 2.47 and 2.70 carats. Accompanied by SSEF and Gubelin reports, the super stone is examined to possess a "Pigeon Blood" colour and has been determined to come from the Mogok mines of Burma. With the purity and vivid red hues of this gemstone, it would be a real challenge not to stare.

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As the number of unheated Burma rubies above 5 carats becomes ever rarer, ruby auction prices will continue to rise. They are now in the same league as Vivid Blue and Vivid Pink Diamonds. Sorry white diamonds, you've got some catching up to do.

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