Looking for the right engagement ring for you or a customer? There are thousands of ring options to decide on; however the satisfaction of finding a ring that is as unique and packed with personal significance . If you have a loose gemstone or diamond but not the setting, consider having a bespoke ring custom designed. If you are new to this idea, we will help you get the ring of your dreams if you bear the following in mind.

1. Have you thought about the concept of your ring?


The first and foremost thing to do is to consider the concept of your ring. Decide if you want the ring to incorporate an element of cultural significance or to have a certain sensibility. This will help you narrow down your quest. You can also scope out diamond rings that other people are wearing to see if there is an idea in them that you like. Don't forget to pay extra attention to the specific ring elements that you like - setting, gold or platinum, or multicoloured gemstones. Be certain on the kind of feel that you are going for, such as if you want a vintage, modern or just a simple ring. Once you have an idea, search google images using the right key words and see what comes up.

2. Have you found the most reputed jeweller to do the job?

Find a jeweller who you trust to deliver you the custom-made ring that you want. This jeweller must be a well reputed person to do the job with extensive experience in jewellery design, must be able to accommodate you and your demands at a timely manner and can guarantee you an impressive ring result at the end of your transaction. Remember that the skill of your jeweller is very important. Don't dive into choosing a jeweller without doing your own research to his credentials.

3. Have you set the right budget?

Budget is a major consideration when having a ring made. You may search the internet for a couple of local jewellery shops and drop them a visit to inquire for the price. Don't be surprised to find that a made-to-order ring may cost up to three times as much as the ring that is displayed on the rack. This is because custom rings require extra labour and are normally time intensive since they must be hand assembled from many different elements.

4. Have you sketched out your ring design on a piece of paper?

This might be an extra job but giving your jeweller a draft of the ring you have in mind can help them to achieve the perfection you desire. Sketch out the design of the ring on a piece of paper. It doesn't have to look perfect, just enough to provide a visualization of the setting, position of gemstone . If you aren't good at sketching, you may look for ring designs over the web that would be close to what you have in mind. Copy the image and add as many detailed descriptions as possible.

5. How long does it take for a custom-made ring to be made?

The amount of time to finish a custom-made ring may depend on several factors. One could be the complexity of your design. Other factors include the proximity of your shop or jeweller. It would normally take anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks., depending on the time of year. You will need to build up bood communicatio with your jewller for this.

6. Can your jeweller provide a wax model of your ring?

A wax model will give you a 3D visual design of the ring and this is where the fun begins. Once the final phase of design had been executed, you can visit the shop to see the wax replica or you may request your jeweller to deliver the wax model to your address if you are buying the ring online. Some jewellers charge a 'deposit' for this, that would be refunded when you go ahead with the work. You can still request your jeweller to make some changes if you don’t like what you see on the wax model. After the finer details are ironed out, your jeweller can now make the actual ring in your choice of material. When the ring is completed, it may either be shipped to your address or you can go to their shop to collect.

Owning the ring of your dreams can really require your time and effort but the end result is a more rewarding feeling. When you are out to have your ring made or helping a friend to purchase an engagement ring, this guide is the best place to start to arrive at that one-of-a-kind custom-made ring that is specially-catered to your specifications.

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