Bespoke Jewellery? When my clients tell me about their experience working with me to create bespoke jewellery they're surprised - the process and the final product turned out better than they imagined and the price pleasantly surprised them too.

A classic example, Guy was in the process of looking for an engagement ring when the lockdown began, which meant either scrolling through dozens of web pages (without tripping his fiancée's spidey senses), or contacting me based on a referral.

For a lot of people, the Bespoke experience gives the impression that anything custom made is just for people with a lot of time and a lot more money. The beauty of working with an expert is that it provides a partnership in the creative process. If you're the one planning to invest in a gift that symbolises a bit of everything that special someone means to you, why not have it made especially for them? You'd be surprised what a vague idea and a short conversation can turn into.

Here are four myths about the bespoke experience, and how you can get started with your own:

Myth #1: Bespoke means (Very) Expensive?

Brilliant marketing and technology convinced us that we can save ourselves time and money by limiting how much of either we spend with another human being.

A quick conversation with your local jeweller can show you how this process can be efficient and affordable because you're exploring ideas with someone who has knowledge and flexibility. As long as a transparent bespoke process is there (it includes time, expertise, materials and labour in the final cost), knowing what you can afford gets a lot easier.

Myth #2: Making Bespoke Jewellery Takes Forever

There really is nothing like instant gratification - you see it, you want it, and if you're the type of shopper that has the sales associate scan the barcode as you wear your newest purchase at checkout, you're buying it now. When it comes to buying jewellery however, we tend to be a little more patient. The turnaround time for a custom piece does take longer (the average time is four to six weeks), and the same time gets spent shopping around, waiting for something to "jump out," only to end up panic buying at the last minute.

Save yourself time and stress by booking an appointment with your jeweller to get things moving. You'll have the perfect concept by the end of your consultation, and the perfect gift ready in time before the big day.

Myth #3: High Street Jewellery Shops Always Have Better Quality

The jingles, slogans, movie scenes, book plots, and our imaginations have turned the jewellery store into a place where dreams come true. With enough time and prestige, a brand can earn our collective respect, making us feel like they're buying a little piece of history.

While most jewellery stores do their best to ensure their inventory meets their standards, an independent jeweller can work with smaller suppliers and provide the best quality of materials available.

Myth #4: Bespoke Has To Happen In-Person

Now that virtual appointments have established themselves as a practical alternative, the bespoke process is as easy as fitting another Zoom call neatly into your workday. It took Guy and I some time getting used to going through the entire bespoke process virtually, but we produced Guy's perfect engagement ring: a yellow gold band with a 1 carat sapphire surrounded by diamonds. The ring combines contemporary and vintage styles, and it represents a love story only Guy and his fiancée can have.

Working with a jeweller offers a deep-dive into the creative process, combining love, memories, craftsmanship, and imagination to produce something that will have you saying "It's perfect," and realising how true that is.

If I can do that for Guy, I can do that for you - and you can start by visiting the Jewellery Design Studio at

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