The Greatest Jewellery show on earth - that you've probably never heard of...

Last week Baselworld happened, the biggest and most prestigious fine jewellery and watch show on earth, which you have probably never heard of. So, imagine London, Paris, New York and Milan fashion weeks all rolled into one - but instead of catwalks to show off the individual wears of each brand, there are hundreds of mini shops and multi-story booths, some even containing their own restaurants. This is where fine jewellery and watch brands come to release their latest styles and creations - their latest innovations and glorious masterpieces in unparalleled glamour. Baselworld show is what the Louvre is to art. All who go are enthralled and inspired by the wondrous creations of some of the world's greatest artisans in the jewellery and watch world. This is the venue where journalists, buyers and designers alike come to see what styles and colour jewellery and watches people will be wearing for the year to come.

Here are are just a few of the choicest sparklers that caught our eye, from the diamonds the size of golf balls to watches with flowers that cover their faces to bejewelled skulls.

Note; flowers, yellow diamonds and coloured sapphires seemed to be the most popular trend to follow this year. 

Pascal Bruni -

This stunning brooch is a yellow diamond flower surrounded by planinum leaves adroned with white diamonds and emeralds - a perfect example of sping Zydo; these yellow diamond and white diamond flower earrings couldn't be walked passed without pressing a nose to the glass for a closer look. Zydo is a fine Italian jewellery house and one of the few that still hosts 100% of its production in the Golden City of Valenza, ZYDO ensures the finest quality of production that can only be expected from Italy's craft masters. Jacob & Co never fail to deliver exquisite designs in a kaleidoscope of colours. For the past 3 decades Jacob & Co have produced superlative timepieces which have revolutionised the world of haute horology. When seeing these watches, you can't help but be inspired to not only reach for perfection but stretch the boundaries of design too.


Harry Winston, jeweller to the stars, have been creating iconic pieces since 1932. This jeweller is one of the world's most illustrious fine watch and jewellery brands. Their multi story booth had queues just to have a look in the window, every piece on display was a perfect reflection of what can be created when genius and art come together.

Jaquet Droz, luxury watchmaker since 1721. The designs are a perfect imagination of fairy-tale telling through horology. Nobody can fail to be enchanted by the delicate designs, the beautiful colours and the craftsmanship that goes into every magical creation

Setare. Every peice of jewellery at the Setare area really captured my imagination, and was one of my favourite exhibits in Basel this year. Every collection of jewellery on display was beatifully crafted pieces of art, from the bold designs, the use of emeralds and yellow diamonds, this collection I have kept coming back to over and over again - truly excuisite masterpices.

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