Free Design Service of your engagement ring, when you buy the stone from Haruni Fine Gems.

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most difficult decisions you can make, and getting it wrong can be very costly, not to mention embarrassing. You are plagued with questions about what it should look like, platinum or yellow gold, solitaire or cluster, white diamond or sapphire engagement ring. Added to all these decisions, you also know that the engagement ring is also the most important piece of jewellery that you will ever buy. Not only does it need to reflect your everlasting commitment and love, it needs to be worn every day, by your wife for life - she not simply has to like it- she has to love it. So as we said, choosing an engagement ring is one of the most difficult decisions you will make.

Every jeweller will tell you the best place to start designing a piece of jewellery is to start with the stone. The most beautiful pieces of jewellery have all started by choosing the stone first, it's type; diamond, ruby or sapphire, it's colour and its size - from there the rest of the ring is designed, this is how all the best, and the most famous pieces of jewellery are created.

Choosing and designing a bespoke engagement ring with your fiancé is becoming more and more popular, currently 1 in 3 women are choosing their own engagement rings with their partner, after all, what better way to create exactly what you both want?

Choosing the engagement ring together is a very romantic experience, and it also neatly avoids all the worry, and huge cost implications of you getting it wrong. Sapphire engagement rings are very popular at the moment, as are blue and pink diamonds. Not forgetting the other dazzling fancy coloured diamonds, which are also very popular. Perhaps her favourite colour is green - an emerald or green sapphire engagement ring would then be perfect.

Haruni Fine Gems is offering to make this decision much easier for you, we are now offing a free design service when you buy the stone from us. As gemstone experts, Haruni Fine Gems is best place to give you piece of mind when choosing the perfect gemstone, in the exact colour and cut that you have in mind. Added to that, we understand that budget is also a deciding factor - so we can help you chose the colour stone you want to match the budget you have set. And with the free design service for your engagement ring when you buy the stone from Haruni Fine Gems, there is no simpler way to gain a unique, bespoke engagement ring that you both will enjoy forever. What could be more romantic and what a story to tell others when you finally get to show your bespoke engagement ring off?

If you want help designing any bespoke piece of jewellery, click the link below. Visit The Design Studio. If you want to take a deeper dive on the engagement ring design process, READ THIS POST

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