Jewellery and precious gemstones have been used throughout history for making memories as mementos of sentimental moments. The astounding beauty, their inherent value and deep symbolical histories embedded within, make beautiful gems the perfect gift. The meaning behind the gemstone and design of jewellery can have a profound influence when it comes to making and honouring heart-warming life moments. Thoughtful sentiments have the ability to make any piece of jewellery extraordinary, so putting the time and care into selecting the right gemstone and a design that will both suit the gem and its wearer for the occasion, is worth all the effort.

Let's take a moment to reflect on the 'big 4' gemstones and the meaning they can bring to a custom made piece of jewellery.


Rubies are known to represent passion due to their sensual, reddish hues. These revered gemstones are therefore perfect for celebrating romantic occasions. They're traditionally used to commemorate a couple's 15th or 40th wedding anniversary, making them a brilliant token of everlasting love. Today, rubies are available in an array of shades, from exquisite deep pinks to subtle purplish tones. Wearing rubies within the month of July is also said to have healing powers, as rubies are the birthstone for that month. The use of birthstones to honour a birthday occasion can be a thoughtful way of showing someone you care, and the idea of wearing the gemstone associated with the birth of a baby has a lovely sentiment behind it.


Sapphires, with their royal blue intensity, are reminders of celestial beauty. They've been historically linked to Apollo, the Greek god of the sun and healing. With their exceptional hardness, these exquisite gemstones are also the perfect symbol of stability, and often used in rings and bracelets. Their versatility means they're the perfect choice for meaningful jewellery, as sapphires can be found in most colours. This makes them enchanting mementos for any occasion. Sapphires are also a birthstone, meaning they're the perfect present for anyone celebrating a September birthday.


Emeralds are rich in both colour and impact, with their irresistible green tones. Their jade-toned charm evokes eloquence and honour. Linked to mystical properties and truthfulness, they're soothing on the eye and can evoke feelings of calm. Some believe they have relaxing qualities within them, giving the wearer a sense of tranquility in the same way time spent in nature, or by the sea might. Emeralds are also associated with positive mental states, so they could be the ideal gemstone for anyone experiencing a difficult time.


Diamonds are linked to ideas surrounding invincibility and power. The clarity of quality diamonds effortlessly complements the durability of the gemstone, leading to its affinity for use within engagement rings. They're also used to mark 10th and 60th wedding anniversaries, due to their association with everlasting love. Diamonds make the perfect sentimental gift for any loved one.

Having A Gem Custom Set

It's not just the gemstone itself that evokes the meaning behind jewellery. The selection of the type of jewellery the gem will be set within has an influence too. For example, rings are rings are an obvious choice for engagement, but the choice of stone and the design might be the thing that sets it apart. If you want to mark a birth, charms with the birth stones of the child, or children might be the way to mark that. Consider how often the piece will be worn, too. Regular wear will take the wearer back to that moment in life more often.

If you're thinking about marking a special moment with a gemstone, having it set in a bespoke piece of jewellery can be a magnificent way of combining your gift, while giving the recipient the opportunity to make the jewellery they will treasure. By involving them in the design process, they will add even more meaning to something already very special.

Life is full of remarkable occasions and as the world changes, there's never been a more important time to mark them. We're all about treasuring those heart-warming memories we make along the way. Looking to commemorate the perfect moment with a stunning gemstone? Individuality means a lot when it comes to meaningful jewellery. Our bespoke jewellery design service combines carefully selected gemstones with beautifully crafted jewellery, making memories last for generations to come.

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