Scam 2: The Thai Gem Scam II

You would expect the gemstone capital of the world to have more than one gem scam going on. Well I'm sure there are more than the 2 I have highlighted here.

You can read about the first here.

The second scam, really does prey on the lone traveller. Take note as you read on.

As a gemstone dealer with over 15 years of experience buying gems and diamonds around the world, I am constantly amazed when when I hear stories from friends (and in some cases family), or read in the press about people being ripped off when attempting to buy gemstones or diamonds on holiday.

If you're seriously thinking about buying a ruby or sapphire of this kind on your next holiday, please read this series of guides. It is written with the holiday maker in mind and isn't full of jargon or technical information, just straight forward advice.

How the scam is done

A stranger describes a get rich quick proposition. This special promotion requires the traveller to buy rubies and sapphires in bulk at a low price, which in return, gives a vast resale profit when sold back in the traveller's home country. If hesitation is shown, documents are produced showing receipts of past international trade and foreign customers.

Once the deal is set, a suggestion is put in place that the gems are shipped direct to avoid problems from customs, which of course never arrive, and if they do, they are unsaleable at the price you paid, let alone for a profit. Credit cards are not accepted, only cash, a further sign of fraud.  

The best way to avoid this scam

As a professional Gem Dealer, my simple advice is: Don't get involved. Don't fear appearing rude - walk away. Tourists are so plentiful in Thailand that the scammers as soon as they see they are not getting anywhere with you will move on as quickly as possible.

If you've had first hand experience of this gem scam or you know of any more gem scams you can warn people of, leave a comment below and we'll spread the word.. Thanks

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