As a gemstone dealer with over 15 years of experience buying gems and diamonds around the world, I am constantly amazed when when I hear stories from friends (and in some cases family), or read in the press about people being ripped off when attempting to buy gemstones or diamonds on holiday.

If you're seriously thinking about buying a ruby or sapphire of this kind on your next holiday, please read this series of guides. It is written with the holiday maker in mind and isn't full of jargon or technical information, just straight forward advice.

So while you're packing the sun tan lotion and swimming gear, print a copy of this guide off to flick through on the plane. It could save you a few bucks (not to mention your pride)!

Going abroad this year?

Are you planning on traveling abroad this year? Perhaps while you are there you may treat yourself or a loved one to a gemstone or piece of jewellery? Perhaps you're planning to get engaged and want an engagement ring from that destination. It's holiday time after all, what better opportunity do you have to bag a bargain, an investment and a present at the same time?

Before you go thinking that a 'gem scam wouldn't happen to me', research shows that 2/3 of all holiday shopping is done on impulse. Sadly, the reported victims of these gem scams are everyday people just like you and me. We believe that we have become too savvy to fall for a swindle, but when the sun beats down and the holiday spirit is high the hubris of the vacation often takes over without us even realising it.

So travelers and holidaymakers beware, before buying gems on holiday, read our compilation of the world's top ten gem scams, so you know what to avoid, when to ignore smiling strangers and how to side step gem scams. Even if you are not going to the countries mentioned here, be aware that the scams are happening all over the world.

If forewarned is forearmed, after reading our guides to top 10 gem, diamond and jewellery scams )that are happening all over the world right now), you will be a more savvy buyer, be able to avoid the scams and enjoy your holiday, without suffering regret or remorse.

So here's the top 10. Click the link to read on, but remember, any of these are happening in more places than the ones listed, so read them all.

  1. The Thai Gem Scam 1
  2. The Thai Gem Scam 2
  3. The Goa Confidence Scam
  4. The Galle Gem Scam
  5. Dubai Gem Scam
  6. Jaipur Gem Scandal
  7. Cambodia Gem Scandal
  8. Cruise Gem Scam 
  9. Cruise Line Onshore Stores Excursions Scam
  10. South Africa Emerald Scam

If you know of any more Gem Scam you can warn people of, leave a comment below and well spread the word.. Thanks

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