In between the mulled wine and mince pies many of us are thinking about the coming year and what we ca do to achieve our business goals. At least that's what we tell ourselves we are going to do. With the economic climate still looking uncertain at best, this makes that process even harder.

What's worse, is that our inability to set out our priorities for the coming year (other than survive) creates anxiety as we go through the year. So that come the end of the year, we're so frazzled and drained, that all we can do is eat more mince pies, drink more mulled wine and start all over.I used to go through this cycle, year after year and as the financial crisis hit in 2008, would regularly find myself starring into the abyss of my computer, alone and helpless. Shortly after 2008 I decided to do something about it, but there was very little available for the jewellery trade as a whole and for the creative designers even more so. That is when I decided to do something about it.

If you have received my recent emails, or my invitation card, you may already know that I have decided to share what I've learned in the past few years on how to deal with the extreme economic crisis that we are all currently living through. I am a firm believer in creating a vision and setting goals. So from January, I will be launching my Creative Year Planner. It is a free monthly guide that will take you through the steps that are essential to get motivation and clarity in your business and most importantly, how to take it forward.

Vision and Goal setting is a much tried and tested successful method for me. I have found that setting goals gives you a long term vision with short term motivation. It minimizes distractions and focus's the mind, in fact goal setting is one of the strongest keys to a successful business. Clarity and Vision ensure that your efforts are focused on achieving a clearly defined outcome.

It all sounds like hard work, but it really isn't. It does take time, direction and a little dedication.

Share your visions and goals!

Happy New Year!