Spread the love all year.

Many businesses right now are breathing a sigh of relief that the big Christmas dash is out of the way and most are already starting to look forward and plan for next Christmas, and who could blame them, after all the Yule season is where alot of businesses make the bulk of their money. But does this have to be the case? For example Valentines Day is almost upon us, and even though we are currently living through an economic decline, Valentines sales still remain high. Statistics over the past few years say demand in the U.K for products this season is getting higher and higher especially for diamonds, with coloured diamonds also becoming more and more in vogue. In fact according to the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker "love-struck consumers are expected to spend 8 percent more this year than in 2011, with four million people expected to announce their engagement on February 14!"

It's not just on Valentines Day that people are splashing the cash. Recent sales figures show that there are consumers out there who are prepared to save up and open their wallets on special occasions. Because of this, the demand for diamonds and other high end luxury items is quite still high, despite this difficult economic climate that we are living through.

There is a big British year ahead full of huge calendar events that are ripe with sales opportunities that we can all cash in on, such as the Olympics and The Queens Diamond Jubilee. These events can be used to help even out the demand for sales throughout the year so that Christmas trading is no longer so heavily relied on. To make the most of these holiday sales it is important to look ahead and find ways to exploit and capitalise on each opportunity, then plan it effectively!

Let us not forget that bankers have hearts and feelings too, and as such I feel that we all have a responsibility to aid them in the hour of their need by helping alleviate some of the pressure on their bonus laden wallets by encouraging them to lighten their load by spreading the love of their hard earned wage, with a fine jewellery purchase, to give themselves a pat on the back for a job (cough) well done!

Happy Valentines!