Top Tips on How to Keep your Jewellery Tip Top

When was the last time you took your engagement ring back to your jeweller and had it checked over? Even just from a basic clean to making sure the stones haven't moved or the claws keeping the stones in position are still holding strong?

Diamonds and gemstones are some of the hardest substances on earth, but they still need care. Yet most people once they own a piece of jewellery don't take it back to the jeweller to either get it cleaned or checked. But not to worry you can clean your gold, silver and diamond jewellery at home and done correctly with the right cleaning tools and techniques, your jewellery will look beautiful for years.

The official line and the best advice is to take your jewellery, especially your engagement ring, for regular check-ups back to your jeweller, where they not only clean the jewellery but check the setting remains secure. However, there are a few top tips that you can do at home to bring back that newly engaged sparkle back to your diamonds, sapphires and rubies, and we all want sparkly jewels, don't we?

1. Gin! Yes mother's ruin is the answer. If you soak your diamonds, sapphires or rubies in a little gin, while gently swirling the liquor with your finger for around 20 mins, then rinse them under a warm tap and pat dry with a lint-free cloth, you will be dazzled by the results. If your house is devoid of gin, vodka can be used in its place.


2. Good old soap and water. Or Flash - the all-purpose cleaner really does clean everything. If there is any caked-on residue - like hand cream, soap or pastry an overnight soak may be the answer. After which take a toothbrush designed for newborn babies so the bristles are super soft and won't scratch and gently clean the jewellery, don't forget the underside that sits against your skin as this where most residue will reside. After this simply pat dry with a lint free cloth - and just like that they are sparkling like new again.

Photo Credit: GIA

3. Handle with care. Many people very rarely take their wedding jewellery off, but if you have a safe place to leave your rings while you are working with harsh household chemicals or even gardening - then, to protect not only the diamonds, sapphires and rubies but the metal they are encased in from damage or scratching, it really is best to just take them off.

4. Storing. Diamonds, sapphires and rubies are difficult to scratch, especially diamonds - but they can and do scratch each other. The best way to store each piece of jewellery is to keep each piece separate from each other minimise the risk of scratching to the stones and metal. The original box the jewellery came in or a soft pouch would be perfect. Don't leave them loosely because this is when breaks, scratches and chips can occur.

Taking it to the Jewelers

Diamond settings may loosen over time, therefore taking your ring to a specialist diamond jeweler is always advisable. Have the ring checked for any wear and tear, warped prongs and ask for an expert clean. Because once a diamond is lost, a sapphire or ruby chipped there is nothing that can be done about it.

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